As an independent company, Elmcroft Turf Care does not need to work from a standard price list, we value each lawn care programme individually to suit our customer's requirements.

Most people under estimate the amount of time, effort and work involved in turning grass into a beautiful lawn.
Britain is the home of the beautiful lawn, with the quality of our turf being admired from far and wide.

Although our near perfect climate for grass is to our advantage, we still need to add that tender love of a Lawn Care Programme to maintain a high quality lawn.

Your lawn will clearly provide you with the most eye catching and attractive feature of your garden.

The following lawn care programme can be tailored to suit the requirements of your particular soil type's and grasses.

Step 1 - Spring

Our lawn care programme starts when the grass is starting to grow and ground conditions are favourable. An application of lawn sand is applied. This nitrogen-iron tonic feed helps to control moss and acts as a spring fertiliser.

Step 2 - Spring

After 2/3 weeks, once the moss is dead and has turned black, the lawn is scarified and all the debris removed. Please note that as scarifying is such an important part of lawn care we feel it is essential to include it as part of our standard programme.

Step 3 - Spring / Summer

Approximately 4 weeks after applying the lawn sand we apply a Spring and Summer fertiliser. This quality granular fertiliser will feed your lawn for approximately 4-6 weeks and also provides iron and magnesium, both of these help to colour and harden the turf. At the time of this visit a separate liquid weed killer will also be applied.

Step 4 - Summer

A slow release granular fertiliser which helps prevent scorch, is applied to maintain a greener lawn throughout the Summer.

Step 5 - Autumn

This Autumn and Winter fertiliser application will give good controlled Autumn growth and the iron content will help to restrict the onset of moss throughout the Winter.
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Elmcroft Turfcare Lawncare Specialists
Elmcroft Turfcare Lawncare Specialists
Elmcroft Turfcare Lawncare Specialists